• Kashmiri Overseas Association of Canada

Membership Registration Form

1. You can use this form for applying for new membership as well as renewal of existing membership.


All Amounts are in CAD.

Guidelines and Instructions

Subject to change, as per organisation needs and requirements

In order to keep it simple will continue Annual Membership Fees $15 per person annual.

All paid members will be eligible to vote in KOAC elections.

Membership Fiscal Year defined as Jan 1- Dec 31st .

New Kashmiri Immigrants PR Card Holder, Membership fees will be waived joining KOAC community. The families who fall under this category will not be eligible to vote in the year they become members. With a rational to provide an opportunity for the new immigrants to learn, grow and connect with our entire community at large, which will be immensely helpful in choosing their representatives and making fair election decision as needed.

Membership Dues can be paid through multiple channels as follows:

  • Preferred Method – Electronic Transfer send to koacanada@gmail.com using password Membership2022
  • Check Payable : Payable to KOAC : Mailed to Treasurer : Ms. Meenakshi Hukkoo : Address- 6002 Leeside Crescent, Mississauga, ON, L5M 5L9
  • Cash Payment

Membership Renewals and Deadlines: Beginning of next fiscal year effective Jan 1st, 2022 all membership renewals will start deadline to pay all dues will be the day of the annual Havan event (Typically happens in June/July).Providing opportunity for people to pay in cash whosoever are not comfortable paying via e-transfers or mailing check. In addition, if anyone missed the havan deadline for whatsoever reason they will have to pay late fees $5 extra in the following event. Deadline dates will be reviewed Only if Covid still prevails, otherwise not required. No further extensions will be granted. Those who haven’t paid the membership fees within the timelines will not be permitted to vote, make nominations or hold office in the society.