• Kashmiri Overseas Association of Canada

Executive Committee

Pooja Ganju


Pooja Ganju is a proud granddaughter of Professor. Nand Lal Kaul Talib who was a poet, author, writer, and Indian President’s Award winner, from Srinagar. As a proud Indian Kashmiri Pandit continued fostering KP culture, traditions and values while staying abroad and maintained perfect symphony and balance between cherishing both east and west cultures. Pooja Ganju is a Global Human Resource Professional, an M.B.A and over 15 years of experience as a Global Head of Talent Management Leader specialized in creating workforce solutions, developing corporate strategies, employee engagement, employee retention, diversity and inclusion , people , culture , organization structure, succession planning, change management , building and nurturing high performance teams, women empowerment and retaining top talents with organizations. Influencer, Mentor, Coach, Speaker and Awarded for excellence and contributions across North America and Awarded as Knowledge Integrator across Canada and BMW (Best Made workplace employee) awards across North America.

Vishal Bagati

General Secretary

I am an engineer and am working in the banking domain as Project Lead on Information and Technology side in Toronto. I have successfully operated as KOAC Cultural Secretary in the past being part of the KOAC executive committee and also represented KOA youth and volunteered for many KOAC and other Kashmiri events in the past. It has always been a pleasure to serve the community and contribute towards community building and keeping Kashmiri Culture alive and I looking forward to continuing to do that. I have also volunteered for various other charity and community events etc. in the past few years and was involved in raising funds, event management, promoting events on various social media and other platforms.

Dimple Soporie

Cultural Secretary

I am originally from Rainawari Kashmir and now settled in Canada for almost two decades. I am an IT professional currently working with a financial institution as a Senior Engineer. I have volunteered for various KOAC events in past. I genuinely feel that each one of us should try giving back to the community when time allows. This time I strongly felt that I can volunteer to be part of the team and move the organization forward. My strong belief in giving back to the community has led me to volunteer at a few charities. Volunteering at some organizations like "Aim for Seva" has taught me how important it is to promote and preserve our cultural heritage.

Meenakshi Hukkoo


I moved to Canada in 2005. I have done my MBA and CPA and working as a Manager of Finance. I am volunteering in Region of peel for Tax. I believe staying connected with your roots not only give you in depth knowledge of your culture, it also makes you a better person for society at large.I firmly believe that compassion and Empathy towards community with team work will make our mother earth a better place to live. Working for the community towards preserving our language/culture and rich traditions is not one man or woman show but a collective effort towards community and without your support/advise/participation/idea sharing and care for each other, nothing can be achieved.

Neeru Padroo

Community Coordinator West

I am an accomplished senior Human Resource professional with M.B.A in Human Resources and Finance, currently working in a leading FinTech company. Kashmiri Culture and values are core to my heart, I truly believe that it takes a whole village to raise and child. As an accomplished member of this great KOA village/community-it’s time for me to give back so that this great value chain continuum perpetuates to the next generation. Looking forward to working for the community and strengthen our roots in this home away from home.

Deepit Ganjoo

Community Coordinator East

I am originally from Gogj Bagh, Srinagar and now settled in Canada since 2 years. I am an Engineer and IT professional working with a top 5 bank in Toronto. I have been a part of KP youth groups like Roots in Kashmir and Youth for Panun Kashmir back in India, and have volunteered for KP community work & events many times in the past, and aim to continue doing the same in Canada with KOAC. Serving my community is my passion and Kashmir is in my blood. I believe that each one of us must play a role in promoting & preserving our language, traditions and cultural heritage. We may have left Kashmir, but Kashmir has definitely not left us.