• Kashmiri Overseas Association of Canada


Mr. Amrit Dhar - Testimonial

I must firstly congratulate you and your team for starting off on a good note by sending out very purposeful communication which is not only useful but serves to bind us together in a very positive manner. I am proud to have you as President of KOAC! While I will try to send you my suggestions on matters I feel strongly about in due course however at this moment I would like more people from our younger generation to be included in your email list. I am sure some of them may already be on the list as paid members. I am pointing to those (like our children and there are many more like them) who may not be paid members but will surely appreciate being included. It’s quite possible they will be motivated to join the community activities in some form and become members in the future.

Mrs. Ruchika Nehru - Testimonial

Namaskar Team KOAC, Hope everyone is going well in this testing time. I couldn’t help mention that this is a very refreshing email received from the group, the first time I have seen an initiative to make the newsletter more appealing and pleasing to the eyes. The different sections make the email more interesting and inquisitive. I went all the way to the bottom of the email skimming through all sections. Kudos to the constant endeavour of the new team to keep the community together in spite of the pandemic. Just wanted to drop this message to acknowledge the efforts and convey that the change didn't go unnoticed. Please accept my apologies if I failed to notice it before, this is the first time I saw this email format.

Mrs. Reema Koul - Testimonial

Hi Pooja Di, Thanks for laying the ground rules for the programs. We’ve never met in person but the way you’ve been carrying forward the role of KOAC president is very different and progressive. We are lucky to have your guidance and amazing ideas within our community!

Mr. Nikhil Kaul - Testimonial

I appreciate how you are handling and encompassing the community into personal involvement. God bless keep upthe good job - all the members. I do not often read through the KOA Canada communication for various reasons but it is heartening to see some diligent and leadership style narrative. Please keep it up - to do the right things one has to stay focused and yet humble. Well done. 

Mrs. Nina Kitchlu - Testimonial

Thank you for adding my email to the distribution list. I have waited a long while so much appreciated. You are doing a great job Pooja! Love the new ideas and energy.

Mr. Rajeev Raina - Testimonial

I would like to congratulate you and your team for the interesting initiatives that you are taking for the community. It’s a great effort and tremendous use of time under present circumstances that have restricted physical movement and contacts. 

Mr. Nariendar Kaul - Testimonial

Thanks a lot Pooja jee for all your efforts to make positive changes in how KOAC operates and how all of us can make a difference.  

Mr. Arun Taploo - Testimonial

Your staying at the helm of the community and making such great impact is praiseworthy. This is a selfless job and you and your team are doing well, especially during COVID Times. So, thanks to you and your entire team.

Mr. Vikas Thusoo - Testimonial

Pooja, I have to compliment you on your initiatives and bringing Corporate-like efficiency into KOAC....kudos...!!! Keep up the good work!!

Mr. Anshu Kaul - Testimonial

This seems to be a great initiative and I am looking for something on the same lines.

Mrs. Sangeeta Raina - Testimonial

At the outset I want to applaud you for the constant work that you are doing for KOAC. I look forward to your emails and enjoy reading them. Secondly , I also want to appreciate your forthright stand on the ICKF issue. You are doing a great job of keeping the community together.Way to Go !!

Mr. Ravi Raina - Testimonial

While You guys are definitely towards better and modifying operation of KOA and keen on bringing the best . I compliment you and your team Pooja .The one concern I have If you guys seriously work toward shaving our own Centre of worship / meeting /social ritual activity and long term planning for our seniors and our youth . Many of us have tried ,but we have still not reached anywhere in this Dream project. Pooja I see energy and positive approach in your operation ,I see a light In this tunnel which can be brought and enlighten the community with this Dream gift.With your efforts and community support (Sharika foundation name was given ) My best wishes and support To you and your team.

Mrs. Neeru Kaul - Testimonial

Thanks for your email.Special thanks for updating the directory which has been long overdue.

Mr. Rohit Raina - Testimonial

Certainly, very thoughtful email and all points are well articulated. KOAC is certainly under good hands and leadership. All the best Pooja ji.

Mr. Anil Koul - Testimonial

Thanks, KOAC... well appreciated and appropriate voice to silence vested and corrupt minds of dividing a community of just hundreds, not even thousands. A well-deserved initiative which was long overdue then and equally desirable for such groups to disappear those who project to smell common KP minds in such a rotten way. Poojaji, I fully stand by your wisdom and courage because it's also a time to shun unelected, ill-represented and biased voices in the name of our esteemed community without any formal consent within or KOAC endorsements. I have my full consent for no organization or committee other than Sharika Foundation and it's time all KOAC members be engaged to express their consent towards similar group(s) especially ICKF. In full support of unity and oneness among us all Kashmiri. Good job!

Mr. Vidya Bhushan Dhar - Testimonial

To begin with, I would like to congratulate you all on taking the reins of KOAC and I look forward to seeing many new things which have been on the back burner for a while but much needed in current times. I would like to specially congratulate KOAC's new president, Pooja Ji,young dynamic women on this International women's day and promise to pitch in whatever little I can for a much bigger, better and more connected KOAC. I myself as ICKFs director would always need your support for Kashmir related political activities and we soon are planning an event in the coming months. Congratulations team KOAC! Creativity and finesse, all rolled out in the new logo!

Mr. Amit Dhar - Testimonial

This is a great example of leadership. Tackling an issue upfront. Keep it up Pooja Ji.

Mr. Rakesh Kachroo - Testimonial

Namaskar Puja Ji and KP Leadership in Canada, This is a very thoughtful, well-articulated,balanced and bravo on diplomatic courage while there is a constituent giving an impression to relinquish and obfuscate the facts (which I hope is not the case). My sincere gratitude and compliments for you taking the time. At this time, I just wanted to acknowledge your email keeping with the theme of community strength and keenly await on the updates on the suggestion as per your below concluding paragraph. I'm conscious that the issue may not be directly under the preview of KOAC but then it has to be directed to the concerned KP leadership in Canada on accountability.

Mrs. Kanika Razdan - Testimonial

Love it, team! You guys are rocking it already. Love how you are explaining the importance of all these customs and traditions. Thank you for providing valuable information to our youth.

Mr. Roshanlal Ganjoo - Testimonial

We as a community salute the team and team leader for their contributions and tireless efforts and dedications to bring out the second edition of KOAC news letter which in itself is a Marg Darshan for the betterment of the community.

Mr. Rajiv Warikoo - Testimonial

I hope you all are well and staying home and safe. I’m very impressed with the new initiatives, new ideas. Keep up the good work.

Mr. Subhash Kaul - Testimonial

The outline of the programs and initiatives that the KOAC management committee wants to pursue under your leadership. I was happy to note the contents, my best wishes for achieving them all! One thing that reminded me which I should inform you is that we used to have a newsletter, way back, 20 years ago that was aptly named "Kashir Shesch Khabar". I am sending a copy for your perusal.

Mr. Vikas Quanoongo - Testimonial

I must appreciate your organized way of running the show. Your way of communication is impressive. It will give me a sense of great pleasure if I can be of any help towards the execution of additional responsibilities of KOAC externally.