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Email : ABHIMANYUHANDOO@GMAIL.COM Number : 011-9999919140 Category : Non-Manglik Age : 33 Location : INDIA Occupation : SERVICE Education : Engineering Computer Science Height (in cm) : 165 cms

Good looking,, preferably of same profession. I am Ready to settle outside India

Satish Pandita

Email : satishpandita05@gmail.com Number : 919419404282 Category : Manglik Age : 30 Location : USA Occupation : Software Engineer Education : MS (CS) Height (in cm) : 176 CM

Seeking a well groomed girl for my son , presently serving in a MNC at Santa Clara , California ,USA for last four years , after completing his MS(CS) from Texas University.


Email : ashutoshkaul@gmail.com Number : 1- 4165873434 Category : Non-Manglik Age : 27 Location : Canada Occupation : Engineering Education : B Eng Civil Height (in cm) : 173

We are seeking a  professionally qualified KP match for our son; born on 26th Oct.1993, 6:59 pm at New Delhi, India He is 173 cm tall. He  is an articulate , sincere , intelligent and friendly individual. He went to school in Canada as well as completed his civil engineering in 2016 from a top Canadian university and has had a brilliant career progression since. He is currently a Project Manager working in the GTA. We reside in the Toronto area and have our close family in Delhi and Jammu. You 're welcome to reach out to us for any questions you may have. I apologize in advance but entirely borne out of practical  reasons; those already employed or completing  their studies in North America would have precedence. My wife's email : kaulanita1992@gmail.com My email:ashutoshkaul@gmail.com

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