Kashmiri Overseas Association of Canada Welcomes you!


We are the association of all people who hail from Kashmir, in the northern part of India, and have made Canada their home. So far away from the the land of our roots, it is the little symbols in our adopted country that remind us of our heavenly Ma'j Kasheer (Mother Kashmir). In Canada, the snow melts away just in time for Navreh. The maple leaf that is so much a symbol of Canada, and bears so much resemblance to the "bonya vather" (the leaf of the majestic Chinar tree). Lakes, brooks, streams and rivers they all bear resemblance to the water bodies of Kashmir including the Dal, Wular, Nageen and Manasbal to name a few. Kashmir, once called “The heaven on Earth” was turned into hell through years of violence by the forces of intolerance and religious fundamentalism. Terror against our community continues without any sense of closure. The serenity of that heaven has been replaced by gunshots. Belongingness seems a foreign word. Amongst all this, KOAC provides a platform to all displaced Kashmiris residing in Canada to meet, network, establish support system and provide healing from their sufferings that they have faced over the years. It also provides an outlet for the continuation of their cultural heritage and integration with other displaced and migrated Kashmiri’s still living in India or elsewhere.

Come, let us pray that peace returns to the land of Shiva, of Shankaracharya, of Lalladed and of Reshipeer.

Asi chhu Tarun Kashmir. Period.

Kashmiri Pandits shall return to their Kashmir.

Jai Ma'j Kasheer!

Jai Ma Sharika!

Kashmiri Overseas Association of Canada

Shikara in Dal Lake, Srinagar, Kashmir