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Article on Kashmir

20 Mar 2021

Written By Megha Raina;
Dear Kashmir,
I can understand. I have been misunderstood too. People who don’t know about my past have often commented on my present and future. Friends have backstabbed me and they still aren’t sorry for what they did. People loved my beauty, liked my company but everyone was silently watching when my home was burning to ashes.
I hear the world expressing their opinions on how and till when should I grieve about my lost existence. My scarred soul has only wanted to scream “enough” to these agendas and outsiders but like my father, even I choose non violence. I know it may take my lifetime and this part of me may not heal but I hope.. I wish that one day peace prevails and the lotus on Dal lake smiles like before. 

My land, I carry you and your pain inside me wherever I go. I had left you with a hope of returning and I survive everyday with the same thought that one day, there will be a reunion of this child with her mother. 
One day, I will come back, sit fearlessly on Lidder river and soak myself in the beauty of my beloved Pahalgam ♥?